vinificación – winemaking

vinificación –   winemaking 

Plunging the grapes cap to extract color

densímetro – densimeter

densímetro – densimeter 

grado alcohólico – alcohol content

grado alcohólico – alcohol content

matraz volumétrico – volumetric flask

matraz volumétrico –   volumetric flask 

variedad de vid – vine variety

variedad de vid –   vine variety 


carga por cepa – vine crop load

carga por cepa –   vine crop load 



turbidímetro – turbidity meter

turbidímetro –   turbidity meter 

vino estructurado – structured wine

vino estructurado –   structured wine 

(Wine Folly) A structured wine has high tannin and acid and is hard to drink. People say “stuctured” because they think that if you give the wine a few years, it’ll soften up and be yummy.

(Dr. Vinny) “structure” refers to the relationship of different components in wine, such as acid, tannin, alcohol and glycerol. It’s one thing to describe the body of a wine (how it feels in the mouth, like the difference between skim milk and heavy cream, for example), or how the acidity might make your mouth water. But it’s the relationships between these elements that together make up a wine’s structure.

Structure itself doesn’t describe the flavor, but it’ll give you some clue as to how the flavors of a wine will age: wines with good structure are more likely to age well, while wines lacking in structure are unlikely to improve in the cellar.


región vitivinícola – viticultural region

región vitivinícola –   viticultural region 


arranque de vides – vine uprooting

arranque de vides –   vine uprooting