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All our classes provide access to 25 lessons on line via Quizlet to reinforce the vocabulary of the Spanish for the Wine Industry manual.

The Quizlet lessons provide six additional study modes, which are written and spoken.


Flashcards. Is an updated version of the familiar classroom tool. Get started studying your vocabulary.

Learn. Test your knowledge of a subject after you’ve studied it a few times. It keeps track of what you know and what you don’t and retests you on your mistakes.

Speller. You type what you hear.

Test. You can take customized practice tests on any study set or print it out and practice on paper.

Scatter. Quizlet keeps learning lively with Scatter! Race against the clock to match terms and definitions and compete for the top score with your friends.

Gravity. Type the translation as the term falls down the screen. As you move up in levels from planet to planet, gravity will increase, making the terms fall faster and faster. Get a term wrong and the next time it comes back, it’ll be a red asteroid. Get a red asteroid wrong and the game will be over. Compete with your friends to get the high score and show off your knowledge.

You can also get Quizlet as an app for your phone or tablet.