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Spanish for the Wine Industry – 4th Ed.


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Spanish for the Wine Industry manual is the answer for the busy wine industry employee seeking to increase performance effectiveness by speaking Spanish in the job. This first-of-its-kind book cuts directly to the specific Spanish vocabulary, phrases and associated grammar needed in the vineyard, the winery and the HR department. From the first unit, uses vocabulary and situations that you may encounter in your daily workday, allowing you to apply what you learn. Spanish for the Wine Industry also can be used in the classroom for beginning and intermediate students of Spanish interested in the wine business, or as a reference book for advanced students. A great compliment to this manual is the English-Spanish Dictionary for the Wine Industry.

Spanish for the Wine Industry manual is divided in 6 parts:

  1. Basic Spanish for the Wine Industry. In this section you can learn the basic vocabulary, common sentences and a working grammar that allows you to customize the materials that you learn to your like or necessities.
  2. Working in a Vineyard. In this section the emphasis is vineyard operations, vocabulary and situations. Ex. Soil preparation, irrigation, planting and grafting, chemical spraying, pruning and harvesting.
  3. Working in a Winery. The focus is Winery operations: The crush, making wine, bottling and tasting wine.
  4. Spanish for Human Resources. It includes sections such are: Filling out an application, a job interview, benefits and safety.
  5. Answer key to exercises.
  6. English-Spanish and Spanish English Glossary with over 1,000 words used in the manual.

Rick Obsershulte, director of winemaking, blending and finishing at Trinchero Family Estates in the Napa Valley, said he took the Spanish for the wine industry book on a trip to visit wineries in South America.“I found it to be very useful for communicating with winemakers there,” said Oberschulte, who has studied with Adriance. “I found the wine industry-focused approach to the manual to be very helpful in highlighting the many complexities of the Spanish language.”

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