Spanish for the Hospitality Industry


Manual + 2 CDs

Spanish for The Hospitality Industry: Food, Wine and Lodging is the answer for the busy employee seeking to increase performance effectiveness by speaking Spanish on the job. This manual cuts directly to the specific Spanish vocabulary phrases and associated grammar needed in the kitchen, restaurant, hotel, tasting room, yard, maintenance, housekeeping and the HR department.

From the first unit, we use vocabulary and situations that you may encounter in your daily workday, allowing you to apply what you learn. With Spanish for the Hospitality Industry you will not only learn ready made useful sentences for common situations, but you will also be able to communicate with Spanish-speaking people using your own sentences. The Spanish language knowledge that you will acquire will be useful at work, at home, when traveling or at any other time that requires Spanish.

Spanish for the Hospitality Industry is of interest not only for English-speaking workers in these industries, but also for those Spanish-speaking workers who wish to learn or improve their English vocabulary in these environments. It can also be used in the classroom for beginning and intermediate students of Spanish interested in these businesses.
Spanish for the Hospitality Industry is divided in four parts.

  • Part 1:┬áIncludes Basic Spanish with chapters such as: Cooking, In a Restaurant, In the Hotel, Tasting Wine and The Maintenance Department.
  • Part 2: In the Human Resources Department: Filling out a job application, A job interview, The Benefits, Safety and Working with Hispanics.
  • Part 3: Appendix and Answer key to practices.
  • Part 4: English/Spanish/English Vocabulary
    Spanish for the Hospitality Industry 2CDs. With the Spanish vocabulary and phrases of the Spanish for the Hospitality Industry manual.

Note: Spanish for the Hospitality Industry CDs are in Spanish.
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