English-Spanish Dictionary for the Wine Industry


Josefina Adriance, M.A. has published the English-Spanish Dictionary for the Wine Industry, providing an invaluable reference book for English and Spanish speakers working in vineyards, wineries, tasting rooms and human resources or marketing departments.

The wine industry has a vocabulary all its own, and those who need to translate between Spanish and English may find themselves searching long and hard for the right words for “malolactic fermentation,” “split grafting” or “punching the cap.”

Josefina Adriance has updated and expanded this fourth edition with more than 2,600 terms, which Adriance has compiled through her work both as a teacher and translator for the wine industry.

“In a profession such as winemaker there are a multitude of technical terms,” said Peter Luthi a Napa Valley winemaker who has taken Adriance’s classes. “Finding the proper translation is not easy. Adriance’s Spanish classes, books and dictionary specifically developed for the wine industry, provide an invaluable resource for anybody involved in viticulture or enology where Spanish is used.”

“Because of its practical focus, this English-Spanish Dictionary for the Wine Industry will be highly useful not only for anyone who works in the day-to-day operations of a wine business, but also for those working in marketing and wine tourism.” Alberto Prieto García, winemaker. Another great resource for effective communication is our Spanish for the Wine Industry book.

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